We're subverting a classic album…


“When I decided to pay homage through this, I could not think that so many characters in the current music scene (young or not quite, as myself) also had a very personal link to what Nirvana's music stood for at that time and still does.

Sadly, the landscape of human relations didn't change so much since Kurt left us. His absence is actually pure omnipresence when we look around and realize the amount of family disaffection, structural abuse, uncured pain, addiction, anxiety, celebrity gossip ... as if 25 years after the release of "In Utero", life outside that protective capsule hasn’t found a better definition than the one exposed by him.

And by seeking meaning for the present, I rediscovered these themes, and tried to bring them close to other musical interests. To extrapolate genres and so on. This could only be achieved in good company... Throughout the album you'll find features such as: Bananeira Brass Band, Letrux, Tuyo, Naked Girls and Aeroplanes, Raissa Fayet, Michele Mara, Francisco el Hombre, Machete Bomb, Dopler Beatz, The Shorts and more of the finest new brazilian music acts.

All in all, is all we are.
- Rodrigo Lemos


01. Serve the Servants (feat. Raissa Fayet + Bananeira Brass Band)
02. Scentless Apprentice (feat. Yuri Lemos + Igor Amatuzzi)
03. Heart-Shaped Box (feat. Lemoskine + Bananeira Brass Band)
04. Rape Me (feat. Michele Mara)
05. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (feat. Francisco El Hombre + Bananeira Brass Band)
06. Dumb (feat. Jan + Machete Bomb)
07. Very Ape (feat. The Shorts)
08. Milk It (feat. Blubell + Dopler Beatz)
09. Pennyroyal Tea (feat. Tuyo + Bananeira Brass Band)
10. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (feat. Naked Girls and Aeroplanes + Bananeira Brass Band)
11. Tourette's (feat. Isa Caféfortesemaçúcar)
12. All Apologies (feat. Letrux + Bananeira Brass Band)

Artur Roman – backing vocals on 12
Blubell - sings on 08
Audryn Souza - trumpet, flugel on 01, 03, 04, 05, 09, 10 and 12
Lauro Ribeiro – trombone on 01, 03, 05, 09, 10 and 12
Lucas Ramos – trumpet on 01, 03, 05, 09, 10 and 12
Jan – sings on 06, also: guitar on 02 and 11
Guigo Berger – drums on 03
Igor Amatuzzi – saxophone on 02
Isabela Leite - sings on 11
João Marcelo - upright bass on 04
João Taborda - beat programming on 08
Juliana Strassacapa - sings on 05
Lay Soares - sings on 09
Letícia Novaes - sings on 12
Lio Soares - sings on 09
Luís Bourscheidt – drums on 05 and 09
Marc Olaf – organ on 09, flute on 11, fender rhodes on 12
Michele Mara - sings on 04
Natasha Durski - sings on 07
Otávio Madureira - cavaco and FX on 06
Raissa Fayet - sings on 01
Rodrigo Lemos - sings on 02, 03 and 06, also: drums on 01, 02, 10 and 11, organ pattern on 04, bass-synth and keyboard samples on 08, guitar on 10 and 12, bass, piano, keys, 808's percussion, interview samples, backing vocals and brass arrangements
Valderval de Oliveira Filho – drums on 12
Wonder Bettin - sings on 10
Yuri Lemos - sings on 02

Composed by Kurt Cobain (except 02, by Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain)
Arranged and Produced by Rodrigo Lemos
Mixed by Guigo Berger at Rec n' Roll
Mastered by Rodrigo Deltoro at DaHouse Audio
Engineered by Guigo Berger, Rodrigo Deltoro, Rodrigo Lemos, Lucas Vasconcellos, Wonder Bettin and Willian França
Cover art by Pietro Domiciano

© 2018 Mezcla Viva Records