After paying  homage to Nirvana's last album  In Utero  , Mezcla’s tribute project has a new subject.

After paying homage to Nirvana's last album In Utero, Mezcla’s tribute project has a new subject.

First brought to a worldwide audience in the end of the 90s by jazz guitarist Ry Cooder, the original album Buena Vista Social Club is a compilation wich put together iconic cuban characters from mid past century such as Omara Portuondo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Rubén Gonzáles, Eliades Ochoa and others, showcasing popular styles like charanga and bolero.

Now, along with the table-top-music specialists Loop Room (guitarist/producer Thiago Ramalho, pianist Marc Olaf and trumpetist Audryn Souza) and with guest appearance of Vinicius Nisi (A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade) and João Marcelo (Lemoskine), producer Rodrigo Lemos revives the finest from Buena Vista's repertoire in a 4-piece videocast entitled Buena Onda Social Dub - referring to its own vibe: free, collaborative and trippy.

Throughout an experimental jam between both projects (Heart-Shaped Tracks + Loop Room), songs such as "Candela" and "Chan Chan" became more lounge inclined, whilst bolero standard "Dos Gardenias" seems to preserve both its original structure and lyrics. "De camino a la vereda" is probably the closest approach to a loopy-hooky chorus you might get here, although improvisation is still a major statement. All played live, driven by 808s combined to organic elements... The audio tracks were cutted directly to music streaming platforms, but you should get the full experience by playing the videos (please subscribe to our YouTube channel).

Chan Chan (composed by Compay Segundo)
Candela (composed by Faustino Oramas) / El Carretero (composed by Guillermo Portabales)**
Dos Gardenias (composed by Isolina Carrillo)
De camino a la vereda (composed by Ibrahim Ferrer)

Thiago Ramalho - loop station, drum machine, effects, electric guitar, electric bass, vocals
Marc Olaf - keys, effects, vocals
Audryn Souza - trumpet, effects
Vinicius Nisi - synth bass, drum machine, effects
João Marcelo - upright bass on "Dos Gardenias"
Rodrigo Lemos - samples, effects, electric guitar, electric bass, vocals

**contains a sample from TV show Provocações by Antônio Abujamra
(original poem by Lou Andreas-Salomé).

Produced by Rodrigo Lemos
Audio recorded at Arnica by Thiago Ramalho and Rodrigo Lemos
Mixed and mastered at Rec n’ Roll by Guigo Berger
Video sessions by João Marcelo
Video edit by Vinicius Antunes